Spa and Medical Spa Treatments

Skin Deep Med Spa

Isn't it time for just a visit to the spa? Irrespective of whether you’re an adult or a teen, your skin Deep Med Spa or the Woodlands Spa would be the ideal retreat.

A trip to the spa is one of the best ways you can relax. They give serene surroundings and plenty of treatments to choose from. Plus, many spas often weekend packages or even week-long stays. Aside from the obvious relaxation you’ll garner from a few hours at a spa or a med spa, you’ll also reduce your stress, soothe your joints and muscles, and feel a healthy boost of confidence.

A med spa, short for “medical spa,” mixes regular spa treatments with medical clinic treatments. This kind of spa is supervised by a medical doctor and treatments often focus on treating conditions on your face. Such as, medical spas often times have treatments that can minimize liver spots, cure redness or treat broken capillaries. Plus, med spa treatments are often of higher quality than you’d get at a regular esthetician. These treatments are often similar to cosmetic surgery, but they’re often much less invasive. For example, laser treatments may target wrinkles on your face, reducing their appearance.

The benefits of visiting a spa last a lot longer than the treatments do themselves. Being taken care of is a feeling that we carry with us for a portion of time even after leaving the spa. And this feeling helps people cope better with stress, too. One of the key components to relaxing is being touched, which is why spas are so successful at calming people’s nerves. Overall, spa and medical spa treatments can improve both your physical and mental health, help you sleep better and lower your amount of sick days.

Typical treatments that you’ll find at traditional spas and medical spas include microdermabrasion, Botox injections, chemical peels, a variety of laser treatments, massage and facials. Some facilities offer even more exotic treatments, like body rubs, cellulite reducers, toxin-cleansing massages, mud baths and seaweed wrap treatments. Some treatments are simply relaxing while others promote anti-aging.

Visit the Skin Deep Med Spa or the Woodlands Spa for a relaxing day away.

 The Skin Deep Med Spa is proud to provide our clients with quality medical spa services. Our professionally licensed and trained clinicians at The Woodlands Spa have the reputation and experience you expect from a premium grade medical spa combined with the friendliness and warmth you enjoy at your local salon.